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Our wide range of services includes providing enhancing business challenging software and barcode labeling solutions to meet todays needs. We ensure that our customers get maximum satisfaction from our wide range of products. We specialised in designing and developing custom applications for our customers and this has giving us an edge over other software development company for the past years. We use world class technology to enhance professionalism. Our experts are always on the move exploring the vast information on the web, Libraries and research centres to ensure our products rank among the best in this present generation. Contact us for a demo

Service List

Barcode labeling Technology

We feature four common choices of labels, including small, standard, large, and round. We offer custom labels in thousands of custom sizes, styles, colors, and more.

Fixed Asset Maintenance Software(AssetZee)

This application is design to solve the challenges faced by companies in maintaining their asset. It features Maintenance alert system, maintenance log history ,Modules for preventive and reactive maintenance and more

Fixed Asset Management Software(AssetMain)

This application is design in compliance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). It features Depreciation, Disposals,Revaluation,Tracking and more.

AccountZone ERP a World Class Accounting Software



#All Books of Accounts
#Track cash flows
#Account Receivables
#Account Payable
#Journal entries
#Balance Sheet
#Trial Balance
#Outstanding Reports - Bill-by-bill basis
#Daily / Monthly Summaries of Accounts / Groups
#Ageing Analysis on AVERAGE COST Basis
#Interest Calculation with automatic Posting in Accounts
#Bank Re-conciliation
#Unlimited cash and bank accounts creation.
#General Ledger report
#Chart of accounts entry
#Statement of change in equity

#All books of Inventory
#Stock Ledger
#Simplified method to track Starting balance inventory Monitoring Daily / Monthly Summaries of Items / Item Groups Item Critical Levels (Reorder / Minimum / Maximum)
#Sales / Purchase
#Batch-wise Inventory with Mfg. / Expiry Date Item
#Serial Number-wise Tracking hashtag#Multiple Price-Lists for Items Party-wise Price Structure for Items / Item Groups Item-Qty-wise Price / Discount Slabs
#VAT Invoicing (Tax / Retail)

#Configurable Salary Components (Earnings & Deductions)
#Automated Attendance system with finger print device
#Employee-wise Salary Structure (Configurable)
#Daily / Monthly Salary Calculation
#HR management
#Loan / Advance Management hashtag#Automatic Posting in Accounts
#Automated pay slip generation of different forms

#Customer Credit limit setup
#Starting balances for new customer
#Manage phone numbers of customers for automatic sms reminder
#Detail Report on Customer Statement

#Supplier Credit limit setup
#Starting balances for new supplier
#Manage phone numbers of supplier for automatic sms reminder
#Detail Report on Supplier Statement

#Data Freezing (Full / Selective)
#Fully User-definable Access Rights
#Restrict back-dated entries (Full / Partial)
#Voucher Audit
#Data Checklist
#User Activity Log

Web Based Reporting Through Your PC / Mobile / Tablet Account / Item Balances on your Mobile Through SMS Ledger / Pending Bills / Daily Sales Thorugh Email Customers Can View their Ledger / Pending Bills on their Own
Note: Our app is Available on Desktop,Server side and Cloud.

Pop-up Calculator
Price-List Printing
Powerful Query System to Search Data on Different Criterion
Search Party from Name / Mobile / Items
Import Masters from MS-Excel / Text file
Direct E-mail / SMS to parties
Automatic Data Backup

Our Applications are Ideal For:

1. Retail and WholeSales Outlet

2. Hotels

3. Schools

4. Hospital

5. Co-opetives and Banks

6. Churches

7. Service Companies

8. Telcom Industries and more