Our Solutions

Our wide range of services includes providing enhancing business challenging software and barcode labeling solutions to meet todays needs. We ensure that our customers get maximum satisfaction from our wide range of products. We specialised in designing and developing custom applications for our customers and this has giving us an edge over other software development company for the past years. We use world class technology to enhance professionalism. Our experts are always on the move exploring the vast information on the web, Libraries and research centres to ensure our products rank among the best in this present generation. Contact us for a demo

Service List

Barcode labeling Technology

We feature four common choices of labels, including small, standard, large, and round. We offer custom labels in thousands of custom sizes, styles, colors, and many more.

Fixed Asset Maintenance Software(AssetZee)

This application is design to solve the challenges faced by companies in maintaining their asset. It features Maintenance alert system, maintenance log history ,Modules for preventive and reactive maintenance and many more

Fixed Asset Management Software(AssetMain)

This application is design in compliance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS). It features Depreciation, Disposals,Revaluation,Tracking and many more.

School Administrator Application(SAA)

This application is design to meet the needs of all key educational stakeholders. it features Accounting, Facility Management, HR, Payroll and Reporting,Libraries and Research Databases,Admission, E-exam,Bulk sms/email, Hostel Accommodation and many more.

ERP Accounting Application(AccountZone)

This application is design to meet the needs of all key Business. It features Profit and loss statement,balance sheet,cash summary, trial balance , general ledger summary and many more

Business Planner Application

A dedicated financial and strategic planning system. This solution features tools for financial planning, money management, Business forcasting and many more. This App is absolute free. Use this tool to help give you a clear picture of your company cash flow. Download Now

MoneyChecker Payroll Software

Because payroll is so complex, can take hours away from your core business and lead to costly errors, We design and customised this app to meet the needs and requirements of organization.

Advance Medical Application(MedicZone)

Our medical solutions provides innovative approaches and new technologies to accelerate growth in the medical field through the reform of existing system. This app featues Drug dispensory,Patient Medical history,labs,SMS/E-MAIL Alerts and many more

Sales and Inventory Application(Inventory Plus)

This solution comes in various versions and types. It features Automated scanner sales,advanced inventory record and security,alerts,Cash flow system and many more